The Ultimate Glossary of Terms About cuban cigars brands

A cigar in Cuba or, a cigar in Spain, are the same and also have the same peculiar flavor and smell that makes it an addiction for many people.

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These cigars were the first and currently are still produced in large quantities, some brands have more than a century producing their cigars , nor intend to stop doing so.

Many people prefer a different type of cigarette but, for individuals who like the smell and the natural flavor released by the cigars, they can find out more and know which ones will be the best and where to get them with this guide.

If you continue reading you will have all the information that perhaps you were concerned about these products.

What are cigars?

Cigars, cigars, cigars, tobacco, or tubanas are tubular bundles of fermented and dried tobacco that is rolled without paper but, that the three sections of the leaf of the tobacco vegetable are used for the whole framework of the cigars. It really is originally from America and has pass on across the world.

Guide to buy cigars online

The actual fact that you love to smoke cigars does not mean you like them all, that you will provide a good opinion to all or any the brands, or that you would smoke any at the purchase price they sell you. In this market the most exceptional products are those which have great custom and amount of time in the marketplace, so we provide you information that you should evaluate before choosing your next cigar or cigar

Amount of nicotine present, for individuals who start in this type of cigar should look for people that have lower nicotine focus, which makes the strength of smoking lighter. While those people who have more nicotine need a great power to smoke, which makes it difficult to complete

Flavors, each brand gives different substances to its cigars, some offer products mixed with chocolates or other flavors to choose from. The greatest thing is to try and see what's the taste that we like the most, also if we already have a concept of ​​our choice we can see its color: the dark tobaccos have sweeter flavors, as the lighter ones are just a little drier

Size, in general, cigars are created to eat from the time we transform it on until it is completed, which can be a hard task for newbies or for individuals who don't have time, so they ought to look for the tiniest cigars. In the market we will find cigars from 130 mm to more than 200 mm to choose based on the time we go to smoke

Appearance, the cigars are denoted their quality in the look of them, viewing if their color is standard we can have an idea of ​​their quality

The very best cigars in every history

Montecristo nº4

Partagas 8-9-8

Century V of Cohiba

Cigar brands

Smokers always look for authentic cigars, with colors, sizes and special flavors, for this reason they always utilize their purchase to some particular brands which have a long history in the market and offer authentic and quality products, some of the most recommended brands are

Montecristo, its trajectory producing Cuban cigars is long and now they are distributed and spoiled all around the globe, they have become popular because of their characteristic flavors and smells that are unique and exotic for the palate in any of their presentations

Cohiba, they have variants produced in Cuba while others in the Dominican Republic gives them greater variety and breadth of the covered market. They have had great success and now their cigars sit in front of others

Trinidad, were manufactured and distributed since 1969, now the brand has already established variants and has produced many products to flavor, have top rated cuban cigars in their catalog financial products in comparison to others and subsequently high quality editions at high prices

Where to buy cigars online?

Before buying cigars, you will surely wonder where to get it done so that their flavor is preserved and of quality. The very best options to buy cigars without departing home are those distributors who have been available for years and maintain the originality of their products, some of which would be: your website is perfectly designed, we can create a merchant account and have our shopping cart to look adding products, in addition to offering good cigars have a section of winds where they discuss these products, distribute the best cigar and cigar brands to several countries. We are able to access your site and find different brands, when accessing your site we can search our cigars according to the brand, when buying we can do it wholesale or retail. Certainly, one of the best cigar distributors from Switzerland

Amazon, of course, Amazon, the sales site par brilliance offers options to buy cigars, just look and we can see a great deal of presentations of various models to find the one we like best

One of the most sold cigars

Cohiba's lancero


Montecristo Open Eagle

Benefits and drawbacks of cigars

Cuban Cigars


Pure cigars come in a variety of tastes that, in addition with their feature natural flavor, give them amazing and beautiful touches

There are cigars that last different amounts of time, we should buy the size that people will smoke because saving it after burning makes it lose its flavor

The smell that comes off when smoked is amazing


To become conserved, humidors must be stored. Keeping them in the fridge can lead them to lose their quality flavor


Some individuals constantly criticize those who smoke but, perhaps they haven't tasted a cigar. Smoking cigars is healthier than normal cigars, being artisanal products that are surviving many changes in culture.

Individuals who currently choose to smoke cigars before other cigars sometimes have problems as it pertains to getting an ideal product.

With this guide the safest thing is that if you needed to choose a cigar in specific or if you 're going to start consuming them and don't want to ask others, you have solved your doubts.

The main thing, remember is the scale because saving the cigars after starting them is not recommended. Given that you know it, you should have not a problem purchasing the perfect cigar.

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